What counselling can do for you

less anxiety

Counselling can help you regain control and learn how to cope with anxiety!

stress relief

Counselling can help release the stress associated with difficult situations or day to day life!

process loss and grief

Counselling can help make sense of the chaos associated with the loss of loved ones and pets!

ease depression

Counselling can help ease the loneliness and listlessness of depression!

How counselling helps

Each individual person has the ability to maintain their own emotional well-being.  We can all learn how about self-awareness and understand how our emotions affect how we feel in our own skin in any situation.  Counselling can help you learn how to be present and active in your own life!

The counselling relationship is unique because it allows us to be truly heard and valued by another human being that remains completely non-judgmental.  Counsellors are an excellent sounding board and you will be given the opportunity to explore the furthest corners of your life, or can be a place to work out tricky situations, this is the beauty of therapy it can be anything you want it to be because you are always in control!

It gave me the opportunity to allow myself space and time for my own well being – Clare 

Did you know?

Did you know that most counsellors are asked to complete their own personal therapy during training?

This means that I know what it feels like to be sat in the opposite chair.  I know first hand how daunting it can be to sit with a perfect stranger and expected to share my innermost private thoughts.  This is why it is so important to find a therapist that you feel comfortable with and safe.

I hope to be able to use my own experience of therapy to give you a warm and trusting therapeutic experience.

The counselling process

Unfortunately, the nature of counselling means that you may have to discuss painful things and it may initially make you feel worse.  This is the process of healing, to open the wound, clean it out, and then stitch it up, will it scar? Maybe… but these scars can be a reminder of the time that you overcame, the time you took control of your life and decided that enough was enough.

I am here to help, to sit with you through this process, encouraging you along the way.  Counselling is not going to be a quick fix, it takes time, work and commitment but you will not be alone, I will be with you throughout the process and together we can see this through.

Counselling has allowed me to talk to someone about things I would put aside as “it doesn’t really matter” – Becky

It helped me to notice how I talk about (therefore to) myself, and question that self-talk. – Emily

I’d love to hear from you…

Please don’t suffer in silence, help is only a phone call away! I am always available by text or email as well.