Service Fees

  • £40 per 1 hour sessions (including Skype sessions)
  • Telephone sessions may be offered to existing clients, although face to face contact is always encouraged (subject to previous face to face contact)
  • 1st sessions and check-in sessions must always be face to face (local clients)
  • £40 per 1 hour Skype sessions for international online counselling or long-distance clients, I am unable to offer telephone counselling to these clients)
  • £25 per 1 hour session for student counsellors
  • £60 per 90 minute session for couples
  • ‘quick chat’ 30 minute sessions available for existing clients, between scheduled sessions at pro-rata rate (subject to daily availability)
  • £30 1 hour top-up sessions available for clients who have previously completed therapy with me (maximum of 2 top up sessions before new therapeutic contract should be considered)
  • Therapeutic hours are 50 minutes long I respectfully request that payment is made on or before the day of the session.  Either by cheque or cash on the day,  or by bank transfer (BACS) or PayPal payments which can be taken 24-48 before the session, I’m sorry I am unable to take card payments at this time.  We can arrange block payments for the duration of the therapeutic contract after the 1st appointment.

Minimum of 24 hours notice is required for all cancellations or a fee of £20 will be charged.  Refunds are unavailable for clients who do not show up for the appointment. 

(£10 room surcharge is included in all fees)

‘What you are to be, you are already becoming’

Carl Rogers

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